Open Postdoctoral Positions

The Schizophrenia Neuroimaging Lab would like to hire a post-doctoral fellow to work on neuroimaging studies of developmental neuropsychopathology. The Lab uses multimodal imaging to identify vulnerabilities in the neurodevelopmental process that present risks for developing psychosis in adolescence and early adults.

The post-doctoral associate will have the opportunity to work on multimodal neuroimaging studies including MRI, DTI, FMRI, MRS, NM-MRI that aim to understand the psychopathology in psychosis or schizophrenia, and in typical populations. This includes studies that are collecting data, work on data collected within the lab, and collaborating large cohort dataset and other publicly available developmental datasets. The aims of these studies are to identify mechanisms of transition/remission, treatment responsiveness from developmental, psychiatric and neuroscientific perspectives.

If interested, please email a letter of interest, CV or resume, and the names of two references to: